Lorie Gelsheimer

Since age five, my biggest dream was to become a teacher. But after working hard to get even average marks in high school, I graduated believing I would not be able to handle university. For years I worked at minimum wage jobs, wondering if my life would ever improve.

Over time I gained the confidence to return to school, I graduated with an English degree, and became a happily married stay at home mom.

A decade later, I joined a public speaking club, I won awards for my speeches, and I enrolled in Seneca’s Radio broadcasting program. After winning a CHUM FM scholarship and the most promising graduate award, I enrolled in some business courses, which led to meaningful coincidences that helped me realize a new career direction to become a video producer promoting businesses.

Two years later, my son was experiencing challenges in school that were so troublesome I decided to close my business and home schooling him for three years. He decided on his own to return to school and he is doing very well.

Since then, I have developed a passion for facilitating art workshops and teaching ESL immersion to children and adults. I help students explore their imaginations, connect with their inner wisdom and recognize their own strengths and potential.

My focus is helping people ages 4 to 104 be motivated to learn through natural and spontaneous activities. We get messy with arts, crafts and science experiments, we play games, we create imaginary stories, and we have many more fun adventures together.

My  most rewarding experience is watch my students bloom their joy of learning in their own unique way. To learn more about me and my story, visit my home page where you can read the chapters from my book, Beyoutiful Blooming Rooms, Hundreds of Creative Ways to Lead You to Your Most Fun, Free and Fulfilling Life, based on my true story.

I look forward to speaking with you about how I can enlighten your life with the magic of your dreams.