Lorie Gelsheimer

For years I wondered if I would be able to move beyond unfulfilling work. After taking steps to build trust in myself and my life, I became a commercial producer for business owners and I am now an inspiring author and workshop facilitator to help direct people to live their most rewarding lives.

I am close to releasing my first book, Beyoutiful Blooming Rooms: Hundreds of Creative Ways to Lead You to Your Most Fun, Free and Fulfilling Life. I have been sharing chapters from my book at my workshops, which has already started to help people transform their lives.

Beyoutiful Blooms Workshops

Whether you would like to find your unique purpose, spark your dream momentum, or experience more joy in your life, Beyoutiful Blooms workshops offer a variety of fun and light creative activities to enlighten you along your dream journey.

To learn about my upcoming workshops including fun writing and art adventures to help bloom your creativity and your life, Click here for blooming your writing / Click here for blooming through art / Click here for blooming your life.